Benedictine College recently announced it will be starting the fall semester a week earlier than scheduled and will be ending with online finals taking place after Thanksgiving.

Dear Editor,

It is that time of year again! The time when we begin this symbiotic relationship, with Atchison providing for Benedictine College’s students and our students bringing new life and new business to the town.

This year is more complicated than most, though, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Students start arriving on campus today, with even more to follow in a staggered move-in process next weekend. The first day of classes is Aug. 19, and this year students will not return after the Thanksgiving break.

It is important for the Atchison community to understand what Benedictine College has in place to keep our students, staff, faculty and neighbors safe. We have created an extensive Raven Safety Plan that you are welcome to look through. Find it at our website, www.Benedictine.edu.

One important mitigation step the college will implement is that we have established a relationship with a medical vendor that allows us to test every student, faculty and staff member for COVID-19 without tying up local resources. Our protocols send students home to quarantine if at all possible, and the health department’s contact tracing will identify others at risk.

We are so grateful for the welcome Atchison extends to our students each year, and we will be working hard to be good neighbors.


Stephen D. Minnis

President of Benedictine College

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