Jake LaTurner

Congressman Jake LaTurner

“What the heck is going on in Washington?” That’s the number one question I hear as I travel around Eastern Kansas—and it’s a valid one. Kansans are fed up with the policies of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. As families prepare for the holiday season, they face skyrocketing inflation, empty shelves, and a stagnant economy. Meanwhile, Washington Democrats are oblivious to these realities and are doubling down on President Biden’s radical Build Back Better agenda. This bill is over two thousand pages long, creates over 150 new government programs, and costs trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Democrats have claimed for weeks that the Build Back Better agenda costs $0. I’m not sure what math my colleagues across the aisle are doing, but this bill is certainly not free. The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that this package will cost trillions of dollars and add over $350 billion to the deficit over a decade. How are Democrats planning to foot the bill for this laundry list of radical policies? Well, this spending spree includes the most significant tax increase in American history and will come on the backs of hard-working families across this country. Despite the rising prices and increased wait times for goods, Democrats want to burden American businesses with $1.2 trillion in new taxes—resulting in countless American jobs moving overseas. Small and local businesses will get hammered with over $400 billion in new tax hikes at a time when many are still trying to get back on their feet from the pandemic. Democrats will also implement a natural gas tax that will raise household electricity costs by 30%, making it even more expensive for Kansas families to heat their homes this winter. If that’s not enough, Democrats are giving the IRS $80 billion to hire thousands of new agents to target families, farmers, and small businesses and take more of our hard-earned paychecks. President Biden promised not to raise taxes on families making under $400,000—he has clearly broken that promise.

If you think the price tag and tax hikes are bad, the far-left policies inside the bill are even more shocking. Amid the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, the Build Back Better agenda would provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants but not a single dollar to secure our southern border. The historically bipartisan Hyde Amendment, which has prohibited taxpayer-funded abortions for decades, is nowhere to be found in this legislation. What we can find is $550 billion to fulfill the Democrat’s Green New Deal agenda at the expense of American energy producers. This legislation also includes Speaker Pelosi’s government takeover of prescription drug pricing that will cause patients to be discriminated against and forced to beg government bureaucrats for access to lifesaving and life-improving treatments. If this package is signed into law, the federal government would have the power to approve and set the curriculum in our classrooms—leaving parents with little to no say in their children’s education.

It’s clear that the Build Back Better agenda is not what Democrats are making it out to be. The fact is, Kansans want the government to spend less of their money. The Build Back Better agenda does the opposite. It’s reckless, irresponsible, and dangerous for Kansas taxpayers.

I proudly voted no on this legislation in the House of Representatives, and it’s my hope that my colleagues in the Senate will do what’s best for our country and prevent the Build Back Better agenda from becoming law.

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Jake LaTurner is one a a new crop of “lawmakers” on Capitol Hill who spend more time and energy tweeting and spouting on television, radio, and every social media platform imaginable, how bad they think what the Democratic Party is actually delivering for Americans is. Yet they never try to accomplish anything. The policies in this bill make sense for Americans. The fear mongering in service to corporate overlords is not what Kansans deserve or need. Democrats are busy delivering for Americans. Jake LaTurner and his ilk need to follow or get out of the way, since they obviously cannot lead.

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