To the Editor,

According to Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Kansas is one of five states that consistently rank in the top ten most corrupt states, as evidenced from administrative records of federal prosecutions.

The Attorney General establishes boundaries on the responsibilities of his office, “to advise and represent their legislature and state agencies”. The AG does not act as the “People’s Lawyer” for citizens to investigate corruption. This leaves the responsibly of investigating corruption to local law enforcement. Really, putting them in a position of investigating those that employ or have influence over their careers, really?

As we continue to observe public official corruption, voters have the tendency to abstain from community involvement. They view political officials as dishonest thus promoting antidemocratic movements. This growing disregard of corruption threatens to destabilize our democratic order, creating conditions that erode the foundations of democracy and our commitment to the rule of law.

Michael Mendez


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