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Dear Editor,

My name is Ashtyn Jolly and I am a junior at Atchison County Community High School. My classmates and I are always told that standardized tests are what measures what we’ve learned and how much smarter we’ve gotten. In my opinion, these tests hold a certain standard that I don’t think is representative of what school is about.

State testing is just one example of standardized testing that evaluates the smartness of somebody rather than their personal growth in different subject areas. Standardized tests are not necessarily taken seriously throughout the student body, even though there is a big talk about the importance of them before the test. Many of the students rush through the test and this is not an accurate representation of how knowledgeable the students really are.

Students also face the daunting task of not getting pressured by their peers. As soon as one person gets done with their test it starts to put pressure on the other students to finish as well. The tests are already tough due to the length, but the unforgiving stares of peers can sometimes be worse.

I understand these tests are needed to see where the student body has grown and where it needs work. In my opinion, there should still be a form of testing, but make it more personalized for the students. I think students should be able to take the tests where they want to and make the tests more flexible for students.

In conclusion, I believe standardized testing is held at way too high of a standard for present day students. I completely understand the concept of standardized testing, but do not completely understand the execution of the tests. Students are becoming more advanced in specialized areas and these tests are sometimes faulty when showing a students true intelligence level. This leads me to the question, are students truly being helped or hurt by standardized testing?


Ashtyn Jolly

Student at Atchison County Community High School

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