US Rep Roger Marshall

US Rep. Roger Marshall

I was the first member of Congress to take to the floor and sound the alarm on the potential for a pandemic. I knew then that the conflicting information the United States was receiving strongly indicated a Chinese coverup.

As it would quickly turn out, the Chinese Communist Party had secretly ordered the destruction of novel coronavirus samples gathered by Chinese labs and quickly commissioned the World Health Organization (WHO) to help them cover it up. It was indeed a fraudulent narrative the WHO and China had spun to the rest of the world that ended up causing the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, a global economic shutdown, tens of millions of US jobs, and a cratered Kansas economy. China cannot, and will not get away with this — which is why I fully support President Trump’s immediate halt of WHO funding from the United States.

I will be helping lead a group of Republican physicians known as the Doc Caucus for an open investigation of the WHO. In particular, we will be calling in WHO President Tedros to appear before Congress and explain his proven false statements to the world. We will continue to investigate and take action to move medical supply chains back to the United States. Never again will we be reliant on the Chinese supply chain or medications for any future health crisis or pandemic, which is why I also support new legislation that makes USAID use a Made In America insignia and branding on all foreign assistance around the world.

We must empower President Trump to take direct action against the Chinese government for their role in the COVID-19 outbreak, and for other purposes that counter Chinese influence globally. Our Covid -19 Accountability Act does just that. As we quickly move to re-open America and Kansas, we must never forget that the perpetrators of this virus must be held to account.

China and the WHO must never be allowed to deceive America or the world again.

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