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The Muscotah Cancer Support Group have donation tickets available for 100 pounds of Black Angus ground beef. The price of the donation is $5 per ticket or $20 for 5 tickets. If you have been buying beef at the store you will know that the price is continuing to climb. Ground beef is so good to have on hand because it can be used for not only hamburgers, meat loaf, goulash, casseroles, meatballs, and the list goes on. These tickets are now available in Horton at Hair Den and Lentz Express with more locations to be added. Tickets are also available from Deanna Higley (785-872-3559), Dolly Wilson (785-872-0081), Judy Green (785-872-3243) and Susan Higley (785-872-3245).

The drawing will be held on July 4 — you need not be present to win. The donations will help the cancer group to continue helping local cancer patients with extra expenses for travel to doctor appointments, treatments, and other expenses incurred during treatments. The Cancer Support Group would like to thank Keith and Dolly Wilson for their continued support of our organization by donating the ground beef. Hurry and get your name in because the Fourth of July is fast approaching. We would also like to thank all those who have supported our group in the last several years. Thanks to you we have been able to help hundreds of local cancer patients in Atchison, Brown and Jackson counties with thousands of dollars of help.

The weather is heating up and by the end of the week the air conditioners will be on. The gardens are looking good and growing fast, it took some warm days and sunshine. With all the rain recently there is always a lawn mower running somewhere. Hopefully the farmers are getting the rest of their planting done and some will be putting up hay. It is a busy time of the year but it is so good to be outside.

The COVID-19 Virus is still with us. The restrictions in the state and county have eased up a little, but common sense still plays a big part in preventing the exposing of others. There are still activities being cancelled including fair parades, city wide garage sales, family reunions, no ball games, some swimming pools are closed, and many more summer activities. We attended our grandson’s graduation in Atchison last weekend. The school did what they could, but it was so impersonal and those seniors deserved so much more. Please be safe and stay healthy.

If you have been by the park you will notice a big blue dumpster for recyclable items. Atchison County Waste Management received a grant to put several recyclable sites in the county. This is available for use by Muscotah residents and also those in the county surrounding the city in Atchison County only. The following items may be put in the dumpster: Plastics-milk, juice and soft drink bottles, household cleaning plastic containers; Aluminum & Tin Cans only-empty and rinse cans to remove all residue; Cardboard-corrugated boxes, paper tubes, wrapping paper, cereal boxes, file folders, poster boards. The boxes must be flattened with all plastic or waxed paper liners, and styrofoam packing removed; Paper-magazines, junk mail, envelopes, newspapers, flyers, brochures, writing, typing and computer paper and paper back books, they must be clean and dry. Items not accepted will be wet, waxed or soiled paper, used paper towels and plates, carbon paper, hard back books, wax coated food/beverage containers (juice, milk, ice cream, etc.), no cans used for chemicals or paints, aerosol spray cans, steel cans, aluminum foil, rubber products, photographic film, plastic bags, polyvinyl sheeting, heat shrink wrapping, plastic food containers of any kind, plastic toys, and planting pots and trays. Other items not accepted will be fabrics, wood, carpet, furniture, mattresses, paint, and any kind of hazardous waste. The city council is hoping that this will be used according to the rules. If used properly this will lighten the load hauled to the land fill and help clean up our county.

The Support Group is Here to Help All Cancer Patients

The Muscotah Cancer Support Group wants to help local cancer patients with expenses for treatment. If you know of someone in the local area that needs our help, please let us know. You can call or leave a message with Susan Higley at 785-872-3245; Renee George at 785-741-1071; Deanna Higley at 785-872-3559, or Helen Ashton at 785-548-5100. We know how expensive treatments can be and we want to help. We continually raise funds and accept donations to help others. Our group has been blessed with two memorials recently which will make it possible to continue helping those suffering from this dreaded disease.

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