I wholeheartedly agree with a recent editorial submitted by Sandy Praeger, Kansas insurance commissioner, which applies to Kansas hospitals and emergency rooms.

Hospitals in Kansas are required by federal law to treat all individuals who come into their emergency rooms, regardless of whether they have the ability to pay. We need a health care system that pays for the services needed in the most appropriate place, a physician’s office, before an individual has a medical emergency and is forced to apply this protection.

“Well care” is what we want from our health care system, not “sick care.” It makes no sense to force patients to wait until they are so sick that the ER is their only option. Keeping people healthy with public support would save money and lives. We want a healthy Kansas for all of our citizens.

Congress shows that it is not any better than We The People on this matter. I served my country honorably for six years. I was recommended for re-enlistment, and I have committed no felonies. As a result, most all of my medical needs are taken care of by the Dwight D. Eisenhower Veterans Medical Care Facility in Leavenworth, which I earned through military service.

Nevertheless, it makes sense for everyone to be able to get the care they need, before they have to go to the hospital.



We need a pro-life guarantee


I wanted to write this to clarify the editor’s note following a recent editorial. First, I was disappointed to see that no reference was made to what federal law was being referenced. I certainly didn’t expect the statute cited.

That wouldn’t have meant much to anyone. However, it is commonly referred to as the Hyde Amendment. That would be more understandable. The Hyde Amendment is law but it is only law if it is renewed every year. It is the law now.

The second point is that your comment is very misleading. It sounds like no medicaid money can be used for abortions. While it is true abortions cannot by federal statute, at the moment, be funded by federal dollars it does not preclude them from being funded by state dollars.

Without the Constitutional Amendment, there is no way to guarantee state dollars won’t being used to fund abortions in Kansas.



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