Evidently, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) don’t appreciate U.S. military veterans who served our country honorably as they should.

The reason I go to Veterans Administration hospitals is for the good care I receive and the appreciation I receive for serving my country, of which I was obliged to serve in its time of need. I’m proud of that service.

The medical establishment of our country is full of people who are practicing due to greed, whereas the elderly, needy and poor can’t afford their exorbitant and extravagant procedures. A person’s health should be paramount, but greedy hospitals deny us care because of inability to pay.

Many European countries have free medical hospital stays, and their governments pay the cost besides. Those countries don’t have people who go into bankruptcy just because of medical debt, like we do. Even our neighbor, Canada, has adopted free medical care for its people. Why haven’t we?

Our well-to-do representatives and senators have free medical and hospital stays, and that health care is also offered to their dependents, until they are 26 years old. It is about time our country stops paying favors to political big wigs and their kids, and comes to the aid of the elderly, needy and the destitute poor of America.




I congratulate the winners of both the city commission and school board races. While my defeat was disappointing, I am encouraged by the new people who tossed their hat into the ring, with I hope, excitement and love for our community. I applaud everyone who ran, those who won and those who lost. Making Atchison a better place, to live, work and play is apparent by everyone’s actions and words.

Please, keep your ears and minds open to the public, at all levels, as they are your boss.



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