It was a

good election


I congratulate the winners of both the city commission and school board races. While my defeat was disappointing, I am encouraged by the new people who tossed their hat into the ring, with, I hope, excitement and love for our community.

I applaud everyone who ran, those who won and those who lost. Making Atchison a better place, to live, work and play is apparent by everyone’s actions and words.

Please, keep your ears and minds open to the public, at all levels, as they are your boss.

Good luck!



When Hank Funk went to war


In honor of Veterans Day, I am submitting a series of battlefield diaries from my uncle, Henry “Hank” Funk, who served in the European theatre of World War II, while enlisted in the U.S. Army from March 1942 to November 1945. Anyone who would like to know more about Uncle Hank may call Dorothy Funk Noll at 913-775-1868.

July 13, 1944. Arrived at Omaha Beach, France. Left and arrived Colleville, French Lambert.

July 14, 1944. Left Colleville by motor convoy on July 14.

Arrived Sortosville, France, July 15, 1944.

Committed to combat Aug. 1, 1944. St. James.

Aug. 4, 1944. 208 F. A. 79th division. First position in combat for battery in World War II, 3/4 of a mile NW La Lande 14 Battery (1st Gun Section) fired rounds for battalion on enemy positions in Laval.

Aug. 6, 1944. Orleans.

Aug. 22, 1944. 404th F.A. Group 35th Division, attached to 3rd Battalion, 137 Infantry-Support of CCR, 4th Armored Division.

Mamey, Sept. 12, 1944. Fired in support of 80th Division’s crossing of Mosselle River.

Sept. 14, 1944. Toul. 410 F.A. Group capture of Nancy by a special Task Force made up of one combat team of the 35th Division and 410th FA Group in support.

Sept. 21, 1944. Crossed the Mosselle River.

Nov. 9, 1944. Crossed the Seille River, Battle of Foret-de Facq.

Herny, France. Nov. 13, 1944. First heavy shelling received.

Seing bouse, France, Nov. 28, 1944. Received counter-attack that came within 1,000 meters of our battalion. Received strong counter-battery fire continuously for two days and were forced to withdraw.

Petit-Rederching, France. Dec. 17, 1944. Received counter-battery fire. Last position in France. Attached to 177th Field Artillery Group, 12th Armored Division.

Dec. 21, 1944, departed for Luxembourg. The battalion was attached to 182nd F.A. Group, 5th Division.

Rouland, Luxembourg, Dec. 22, 1944. Marched 126 miles in 13 hours, 50 minutes. Fired first fire mission in the Battle of the Bulge.

717 rounds fired on Dec. 24, 1944.

Christmas Day, 1944. 986 rounds were dumped on the Krauts as a Christmas present. The battalion fired the first “Posit” ammunition used against the enemy, by X11 Corps artillery. The first round was marked, “Merry Christmas, Hitler.” From this position, 2,167 rounds were dumped on the Heinies, which represent a weight of 108 tons of steel and high explosive.

Dec. 26, 1944. Remained in these positions for 23 days. No rounds were received in the town of Christmach, and only in a few battery positions. In Savel born, 182nd F.A. Group, 5th and 4th Division. These were attack position to further reduce the Bulge. There was light artillery fire received through our stay here.

Gilsdorf, Jan. 20, 1945. Occupied positions during shelling by enemy artillery and nebelwerfers. Many buildings in town were on fire when we entered here in the early morning hours. Shells continued to fall in the area during our entire stay here.

Attached to 404th F.A. Group, 4th Division, on Jan. 26, 1945.

Savel born, Jan. 28, 2945, 404th F.A. Group relieved and attached to 410th F.A. Group, 80th Division.

Beaufort, Feb. 5, 1945. Received two heavy concentrations of nebelwerfers and one heavy artillery concentration. Positions were located for assault of the Siegfried Line.

During the first 11 hours of attack against Siegfried Defenses on Feb, 7, 1945, 1,100 round of artillery was fired by this battalion, and in the first 24 hours, a total of 1,780 rounds were fired.



Editor’s Note: Hank Funk’s diaries will continue on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

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