In this busy harvest season, we want to remind Kansans to vote in the (election scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5). Municipal elections play a key role in determining leadership in your community, but voter participation is at disturbingly low levels.

As part of the election, voters will be asked to approve eliminating the census adjustment. After numerous attempts over several decades, the Legislature passed SCR1605 with bi-partisan supermajorities to eliminate a provision in the Kansas Constitution requiring the State to adjust census numbers for military personnel and college students.

The adjustment is antiquated, burdensome and expensive. Even though the Census Bureau is responsible for counting individuals where they reside, the adjustment requires the Secretary of State to also contact military personnel and college students to determine their official residence in a manner contradictory to the Census Bureau.

Kansas is the only state that adjusts census numbers: a practice that takes three to six months, involves hundreds of hours of state worker time and costs approximately $835,000.

First, we ask you to vote on Nov. 5. Second, please consider supporting this measure to help make better use of state resources.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your Kansas Secretary of State. If we can be of assistance to you, please call 785-296-4575 or email


Kansas Secretary of State


Recently, I have received an increased number of calls, emails and consultations in person with regard to Atchison Globe and its opinion page.

Specifically, this feedback seems to focus on our regular guest columnists, such as Globe emeritus reporter Patty Moore (as read in Moore or Less, “Don’t waste the world’s wonders,” on Saturday, Oct. 5) and City of Atchison Mayor Shawn Rizza (as read in Atchison’s Advocates, “Who shows a history of service?” on Wednesday, Oct. 9).

We certainly welcome this feedback at any time and by any means our readers are able to reach us. However, I feel it is appropriate, with the sole exception of opinion columns or letters written by myself or under the name of other current Globe staffers, a reminder of how the following applies:

All content which appears on Page A2 Voices each edition is published with minimal edits for grammar, spelling and other essentials; its content doesn’t reflect the official opinion of the newspaper, and we don’t tell guest contributors what to write about or how to write it.

We invite our readers to provide feedback to our guest writers at any time by writing a letter to the editor or a guest column of their own. As managing editor, I wish for this Voices page to be a public forum, where all ideas are welcome, within reason.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at any time via or by calling 913-367-0583, ext. 20410. We are always happy to hear feedback. Thank you for reading Atchison Globe. — MARCUS CLEM

Managing Editor

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