The real crime in the Boldridge situation (Page A1, Saturday, July 27, “Jury convicts man who shot at officer”), belongs to the Atchison city government.

Atchison has playgrounds and public toilets where water is provided for free to anybody who needs it. So, what was the big deal about a citizen owing a water bill? We’ve now have a hospital bill, a long trial, man hours spent, etc. These cost much more than an unpaid household water bill, surely!

Flushing city toilets is paid for by taxes, when we know that uses more water than this abused citizen. Atchison persons in positions of authority are more of a threat than any Democratic howl of “The Russians are coming!”

A godless society has no basis on which to judge a right or a wrong, does it?




I was traveling recently and looked at (www.atchisonglobenow.com) on Monday morning. I was surprised to see not one, but two articles on transgender matters: “Kansas schools slowly promising to protect transgender students” and “CA: Gender ID explanation chart handed out in middle school.”

This abundance of reporting was surprising, because it doesn’t seem to square with (a Globe reporter)’s remark during our April email exchange, that “it is up to me on what I gauge is of the most interest to our readers in the space and time allowed.” (The reporter) was responding to my query into why my remarks regarding gender dysphoria at the April 8 (Atchison Public Schools) USD 409 (board of education) meeting were not reported.

Perhaps your readership would have more interest in gender dysphoria and transgenderism if it knew something about the issues. With that goal in view, I presented ... materials to the (board). I mailed a “transgenderism/gender dysphoria fact sheet” to the board members in March ...

I (sent) these materials to you because reporting on gender dysphoria in youth, when it is covered at all, is done from an ideological perspective. Researchers are finding that social contagion, especially through social media, is driving what has been given the name Sudden Onset Gender Dysphoria: SOGD. Responsible reporting would de-politicize this issue by distinguishing between SOGD in youth and adult transgenderism/transsexualism.

I hope you find the information useful.



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