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“Atchison? Why Atchison?” It’s surprising to us that these are often the first words, after “Welcome,” from many Atchison residents, when we declare we moved here from the Denver area late last fall. Despite last winter’s ice and challenging spring rains, which friends in our new community have told us are unusual for this area, Atchison is happiness for us ...

We’ll go ahead and apologize in advance if — as we have been accused — we brought this unusual weather pattern from the Rockies but we will defend Colorado’s climate for the benefit of our friends that remain behind ...

Atchison, for us, turned out to be fortuitous, as it came in the form of a directional recommendation from Nora’s mother, who is blessed with an extensive knowledge of Kansas history. She knew we had looked at many states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa, and so on. To quote her she said, “you kids love small towns with old homes, so you should check out Atchison.” ...

We lived in the Denver area for more than 30 years, and watched it develop from “a cow town” to a booming metropolis and, along with it, all the pluses and minuses of exponential growth.

It was a great city in which to develop careers, raise a family, and take advantage of all that the city and area had to offer. We were very lucky to experience this transition. But, as with all growth, in particular growth that outstrips its infrastructure, it comes with a price.

The price for us, was containment, meaning no longer was there enjoyment in the elements that we loved about the city — a loss of neighborhood, simplicity, views of our cherished mountains, and an energy level that had shifted from enthusiasm about opportunity for all, to one of self-interest. It was time to leave, at least for us ...

To us, Atchison is a place that is comfortable, affordable, and evolving. This is a place where friends are easy to come by, and the local government actually answers their phone. It’s also a place with a solid educational commitment as well a faith-centered community.

Most of all, to us, Atchison offers an opportunity to contribute and to become one of the locals who always maintains that optimistic outlook on the unpredictable Atchison weather.

So why Atchison? We think the best answer is simple, why not?



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As a relatively new member of the community, I couldn't agree more! Thank you, Mike and Nora. Well said!

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