I recall a spot-on editorial Atchison Globe once published, concerning the matter of respect.

The editorial began with a review of everyday disrespectful actions, such as blocking aisles and parking vehicles in a way to inconvenience others. I have similar concerns about people who block the aisles at Wal-Mart while they visit with one another, or talk on their cell phones. Those obviously healthy people who park their vehicles in spaces marked for those with handicaps. How do you get that lazy and that rude?

But as the editorial pointed out, it goes so much beyond those selfish actions.

The world is saturated with disrespect and slaughter, and being held hostage by terrorists. And make no mistake, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and all so-called “white supremacists” are just as much terrorists as the Jihadists of ISIS and Al Qaeda, who are more popularly feared. We have as many threats to public safety at home as we do from abroad.

We confront a world where license is given from the top for bigots and bullies to march against the rest of us, bearing huge weapons and waving the flag that flew over parts of Europe while millions of innocent men, women and children were tortured and murdered.

I’m sickened that an American president is the biggest bully of all, causing our allies to pull away from us and our enemies to dance in the streets. It wasn’t enough that the White House’s musical chairs make us the joke of the world, his loose-cannon mouth has spit disrespect at leaders of other countries who supported us, and amped-up the danger of threats abroad.

As the presidential election nears, I’m frightened to realize how many Americans are still determined to vote for this man. It brings to mind that timeless saying: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Most of all, how dare this man, as he sometimes does, claim that he speaks for me?

And — while I remain in the Tweety Bird cage — I was recently asked why I had stopped writing about The Donald.

Well, following what I’ve just written, I have only four words to say about him and the mess in DC: “I Told You So.”

This column has been adapted from an August 2017 edition of Moore or Less.

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J Kemp

Interesting article, but I dont agree with wording of “obviously healthy people” using handicapped parking. Some health conditions are not visible, such as heart disease, Parkinson Disease, or petiphal neuropathy.

J Kemp

Sorry about misspelling of *periphal*

J Kemp

3rd times a charm, hopefully? *peripheral*

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