With one step taken to keep up with more modern times I have seemingly embarked on an unexpected journey into an abyss of technology.

My flip style phone was worn a bit. Sometimes it worked well, other times it did not. Text messaging on my part was practically non-existent. Text messages received were barely readable due to very small print.

Within the past month, I took a giant leap and purchased an Android phone device. What a difference. It is definitely an upgrade, but not an improvement. I’ve never been one to feel comfortable with the notion that “Big Brother” had a capability to watch over me. These days he has managed to get into my pocket 24-7, and I didn’t even realize I invited him.

Hubby and I stopped in at one of our local eateries for a quick bite here in town. The next day a message pops up with a request to critique our dining experience to post on a Google site. Where did that come from? Then I recalled after I had the phone a few days a map of some local restaurants in town and all around the county and over the adjacent county lines appeared. Although it was rather fun to explore and see how the establishments promoted themselves, I unknowingly opened some portal that let the intruders into my life.

My companionship with the droid device is into its fourth week — I think. I’ve yet to readily answer the phone when it rings. Oh, how I long for a simpler time and device. Within the first few hours after I purchased the phone along the course to get the hang of it I accidentally tapped some contacts. Early the next morning my worst fears were realized. I received a call out of concern from one of our neighbors. He asked if everything was all right, because his Caller ID indicated I had called him in the middle of the night. I admit it was quite the humbling experience when I apologized and blamed my ignorance for the mistaken call.

Someday when I have a few hours to spare I plan to sit down and read through the manual again with my big phone in my little hand. I’m hopeful this time with a little bit of the new phone experience I’ve gained the manual won’t seem so foreign to me. Perhaps then it will be easier for me to catch on in better time.

However, there is an upside to my daunting Android phone experience. I have gained an understanding why people have indicated to me they prefer text messages. I feel like I have accomplished something because I am catching on to it. I am not deeply in love with it in a way to compel me to feel a need to be texting every minute of the day, but it’s OK as an acceptable method to communicate.

Hubby has also made an upgrade. His phone is not quite as fancy as mine. Although we are both struggling, I believe he might be advancing at a little faster pace than I am.

Sometimes while I am at home during the evenings, Hubby and I both fidget with our respective phones. We often exchange complaints. Too bad neither one of us has the expertise to really help the other with technical problems. However, occasionally we sometimes manage to pull through our angst with an earned enlightenment.

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