When my landlord, Roger Caudle, asked me Monday had I heard they were banning shredded cheese in America, I returned a raised eyebrow, not exactly unconvinced. I mean, I’ve heard rumors about wood pulp, in the form of cellulose, added to shredded cheese products as filler.

“Yeah,” Roger said, “They’re going to make America grate again.”

I stepped right into that one, but, really, it was a funny joke – timely, too, after the second presidential debate on Sunday, which I turned on a bit late then immediately turned down.

I’d invested myself pretty heavily in the first presidential debate, which I felt Trump had won for his plain talk about the issues and portraying Clinton as just another politician. Of course, no one asked me, and, after the fact, most media outlets were claiming that Clinton won.

Fine. Then, after those embarrassing Trump recordings were leaked last week, it felt like a waste of time choosing to watch two people bicker late on Sunday night. (I turned, instead, to the book I purchased Friday night at Walls of Books in downtown – a cool store, by the way.)

My intuition there turned out to be spot-on, seeing as the only thing from the second debate that apparently mattered to voters was Ken Bone, the rotund, mustached, red-sweatered questioner who found instant fame after posing a question to the candidates’ about their energy policies.

One column I read on Monday explained that Clinton and Trump’s responses to Bone’s question were forgotten in the country’s collective mind as America latched on to Ken Bone, the “hero we need right now, but not the one we deserve,” one Twitter user said in a popular tweet.

So who won the debate? According to the internet, it was Mr. Ken Bone.

I likely won’t be tuning into the third debate, either. The race is over, if you ask me.

Clinton has the presidency locked up. She’s no saint, but Trump’s mouth has just tripped him up too many times to recover, despite its doing a great job depicting Clinton as just another crooked politician.

Trump’s character is repulsive. I agree with his basic political message that the U.S. should reel itself back and focus on home, but who’s going to follow a misogynistic racist’s lead?

The situation in the presidential race is paradoxical. Trump gained his popularity because he was seen as an outsider to the political system. Lots of people heard his “straight talk” on the issues and thought they wanted a president who wasn’t, traditionally, “presidential.”

But the more he’s let to go uncensored, the worse of a person he makes himself seem. It’s at the point now where the public’s desire for a “non-traditional” candidate has inverted.

That brings me to another interesting column I read on Monday, which made the comparison of Trump to a prototype. His ability to tap into voters’ anger, to present himself as an outsider to a rigged political system, is a proof of a concept that we’ll see again in the future.

You bet. That anger about the status quo among the electorate is real. As embodied by Hillary Clinton, I think at least part of that problem is jargon. Listening to her describe her views is like trying to decipher a foreign language; I understand a word here and there, but the point gets lost in translation.

Maybe she is speaking clearly, but she goes on and on about issues outside of our borders. I think a lot of folks feel like too much of our government’s focus is misdirected to foreign countries as our roads are crumbling, our economy is shaky and the country is becoming divided.

So, here we are, a month out from November. Let alone the next four years, the next four weeks should be a wild ride. In the meantime, stock up on your shredded cheese, because I heard they’re going to make America grate again.

Zach McNulty is a Globe reporter. He can be reached at (913) 367-0583, Ext. 20415, zach.mcnulty@npgco.com or @mcnultyglobe on Twitter.

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