Thirteen men have served their country as the President of the United States since 1943.

The average cost of a new house was $3,600 that year. A gallon of gas would set you back 15 cents, while a stamp would cost you three cents. To quench your thirst, you needed a nickel to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola.

If you wanted a new car, the average price was $900.

Chevy Chase, Robert De Niro and Mick Jagger were all born in 1943.

“Mrs. Miniver,” starring Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson, took home the Oscar for best picture that same year.

The Pentagon was completed and opened in January 1943.

The famous slinky toy was also invented by Richard T. James in 1943.

A lot has happened in 71 years. A lot has changed. Life was so much different in that era.

The reason I focus on that specific year is because of a story that I worked on this week involving Clinton and Betty Jansen. The couple was married in June of 1943.

They’re still married to this day.

Clinton was born in 1921, Betty in 1924. Life hasn’t always been easy for the couple, but they still live at home with the help of their son, Tom. It’s a house that Clinton built.

In a day and age where divorce rates have skyrocketed, seeing a marriage that has lasted seven decades is incredible. I know there are plenty of other couples in the area that have been together that long or possibly longer.

I want to congratulate all of you. It’s truly remarkable.

Being devoted to someone for that long takes hard work. Marriage isn’t always easy – and it was never meant to be. Taking two people from different backgrounds, with different thoughts, and molding them together will lead to differentiating opinions.

As Betty said, “You have to hang in there.”

My wife and I have been together for nearly four years – chump change compared to these seasoned couples.

We’ve had our disagreements, which are natural. If everyone thought the same way life wouldn’t be much fun. My dad always reminded me that you should never go to bed angry with your significant other. His dad gave him the same advice.

It is advice I live by.

My marriage is too important to me to let one silly argument blow up into something more.

I’m sure Clinton and Betty have had their disagreements in the past. After talking to them, though, the love that they have is true. It’s a love that has been cultivated by 71 years of getting to know one another. It’s real in the truest sense.

I hope to live long enough to celebrate 71 years with my wife. For now, we’re just moving along day-by-day, learning more about each other as we go.

Logan Jackson is the Globe managing editor. He can be reached at (913) 367-0583 Ext. 20410,

@loganglobe on Twitter.

Logan Jackson can be reached at

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