I met with Patty Boldridge Wednesday afternoon to snap a real quick picture and talk about Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

Patty is the president of the Memorial Hall Revitalization Committee.

Several projects have been completed thanks to the committee’s relentless work. Restorations include restrooms, former American Legion rooms, windows and a roof – and those are just a few of things that have been worked on.

Most recently, Memorial Hall saw the front plaza area completely restored. Gone are the steps that were crumbling beneath people’s feet. In its place is a nice, and safe, stairway leading up to the front doors. There are also bricks that people purchased to memorialize someone who gave their all.

The restoration looks great and is certainly noticeable. It’s another step in the right direction for Memorial Hall.

While the entire committee definitely deserves praise, Patty’s excitement and dedication have been the drive behind the projects.

In just a 20-minute conversation with her, Patty was nearly jumping with excitement. It was contagious, too. It’s no wonder why the committee gets so much stuff done. Talking with Patty makes you want to roll up your sleeves, jump in and get some work done.

Patty is completely humble and very appreciative of the help, too. She realizes that it takes a town to get projects like this done. It also takes time and a lot of hard work.

Time has been the biggest hurdle so far. Each of the upgrades takes time to complete. It can be a slow process, one that could kill your spirits if you let it.

Patty isn’t fazed by it.

She’s happy each time a project sees completion.

Then it’s on to the next project.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall has a ton of history behind it. (And Patty is more than happy to share it.) It’s really incredible everything that has been done there or has happened there. Plus, the building is still used by the community for various projects and events. It’s another important piece of Atchison’s history.

Patty mentioned that 100 percent of any money donated to the restoration efforts is used for exactly that – restoration. The money doesn’t go to any other project.

Atchison should be thankful for Patty and the rest of the committee’s efforts to keep historic sites in good shape. It’s definitely evident.

Logan Jackson is the Globe managing editor. He can be reached at (913) 367-0583 Ext. 20410,

@loganglobe on Twitter.

Logan Jackson can be reached at logan.jackson@npgco.com.

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