Election Day is coming up, with more than 130 people having voted in advance, according to the latest coverage of early voting in Atchison Globe. We have a lot more votes to come.

The purpose of this particular article is to encourage people to vote and to thank Mayor Shawn Rizza for highlighting the type of Commissioner Atchison needs in his article that was published on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Mayor Rizza is a great leader, taking initiative to provide information and his opinions to the public, and I agree with him on most things based on some of his writings in the newspaper/Facebook or comments at the City Commission meetings. I typically enjoy reading some of his articles in Atchison Globe, because he is an advocate for our city and brings a positive outlook. I especially enjoyed reading his recent article that resonated very much with me.

The more I read the article that came out on Wednesday, the more confident I became in my qualities as a potential City Commissioner. As stated in the forum and my Facebook page, I am humble and ready to grow. My motivation for running is to help Atchison boom again, just like it was booming when I moved here in 1966. I don’t want to see Atchison follow other rural communities in America and their trend of decline.

The citizens of Atchison deserve something they have wanted for a long time: a new way forward and the absolute confidence that their elected leaders will make decisions based solely on what is the best for Atchison. I do offer a different background than any other current or potential City Commissioner by living in Atchison most of my life, by working in the city for eight years, by contributing to local projects involving infrastructure, parks, the riverfront, and the city as a whole. I offer a different background by having an understanding and contributing to developments of the airport as a Chairman of the Airport Advisory Board.

As mentioned in my Facebook posts, I am running because I want to empower citizens and organizations, such as farm operators, businesses, schools, or work on opening communication channels with our state representative to help us keep the momentum going.

It is my goal for people to willingly choose Atchison as an attractive, inviting, growing, and secure community and I’m willing to contribute my part for our city to meet this standard for a booming small town in North East Kansas.

Atchison deserves everything Mayor Rizza and I mentioned in our articles. Let’s keep moving forward in this exciting future together.

Editor’s Note: Luke Jesnowski is running for Atchison City Commission in the election set for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Other candidates include Abby Bartlett, J.D. Farris, Dave Hausmann, Lisa Moody, William J. Murphy and Charlie Perdue. The top three most-popular candidates, as determined by number of votes received, will obtain seats starting in January 2020. Hausmann and Perdue are incumbents.

The deadline for first-time voters to register to vote in this election has passed, but to learn about where to vote, call the Atchison County Clerk at 913-367-1653.

Luke Jesnowski can be reached

via lukejj@sbcglobal.net.

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