“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

That’s how state Rep. Michael Capps, R-Wichita, answered questions from reporter for The Wichita Eagle about links between his business and a despicable smear campaign against a Wichita mayoral candidate.

Capps says he has “no idea” why his business would be listed as the owner of a website — www.protectwichitagirls.com — that echoes the campaign.

He “couldn’t begin to tell you” why a Wyoming mail forwarding service he uses was the same one used to register the anonymous company behind a shady video, which raised false allegations against mayoral candidate Brandon Whipple and is the subject of a slander lawsuit.

Capps says he was “taken aback” by The Eagle’s questions about his potential connection to the video. And then he stopped returning our phone calls.

We’re taken aback, too, by these disturbing revelations in a mayoral campaign that’s become muddier than a Kansas creek bed.

But here’s an idea: If Capps had any part in this deplorable campaign, he needs to ‘fess up, face the consequences and immediately resign his Kansas House seat. And if he’s working on behalf of anyone else, he needs to say that, too.

Capps, who was first appointed to the 85th District legislative seat to fill a vacancy before being elected to it in November, has faced calls to resign. After his election victory, Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold said: “He’s persona non grata to us.”

If he truly has no clue about connections between his business and the anti-Whipple video, Capps needs a better handle on his business dealings.

Either way, Wichitans deserve better representation in the Kansas Legislature. It’s past time for Capps to call it quits.

— The Wichita Eagle

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