As 2019 heads into my favorite time of year, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking back to the things I have always loved about autumn.

At the top of the list are the fall colors of Kansas timberlands and the breathtaking scenes of the Missouri River bluffs. I used to use all my autumn evening and weekend hours driving through the bluffs, or walking along the dusty backroads of Northeast Kansas.

I especially enjoyed fishing in October, when the heat had turned down a bit from blazing summertime, and I knew every backroad where I could harvest loads of bittersweet, which would decorate my house all throughout the dreary winter.

During autumn, I would realize that Thanksgiving and Christmas were nearing, the best of all times with family.

I always marveled at how my mother could crack dozens of eggs into a skillet to be cooked to perfection for her family’s favorite “dippy eggs.” These were eggs over easy for dipping toast until the yellow was all gone, before scooping up the cooked whites to finish off the treat.

This feast was an annual tradition when we all gathered after midnight Mass, something to which I looked forward all through October and the first three weeks of November. The world is so beautiful and so much fun during autumn.

But more and more, I find myself being angry with the people who fail to recognize what a miracle we have been given with this amazing thing called Planet Earth. The opportunity we have been given to enjoy it, to be happy, to love one another.

How can the madmen and women of the world fail to see what a wonderful thing being alive can be. We have every chance to be happy, to help each other, to end all misery and take advantage of this thing called life. It doesn’t last very long, and it’s so stupid and such a waste to make our few short years violent, hate-filled and blood soaked.

Of all the miracles that have been invented, it’s so damn sad that the ones which most govern our lives are weapons of torture and death. Will humanity every wake up and realize what it has been given? How every day is a new bit of life which could be spend feeling good and being kind?

We’re a sad lot with a terrible history which gets worse every day. I’m so sorry for those who waste their precious time with hate and violence. I wish that somehow I could make the bigots, bullies and haters of the world see what they’re missing. How can it be rewarding to be cruel?

If you agree with even any small part of what I’ve written, say something nice for someone today. And do something nice for yourself.

Maybe just plan to take a drive through the country when the leaves turn to autumn colors. I can’t see how one can think about hating or hurting while viewing the beauty around us and realizing what we’ve been given.

The simple miracle of just being.

Patty Moore is a semi-retired veteran journalist, who lives in Everest. Provide feedback on this column by emailing

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