Matt Schrick

Matt Schrick goes for a hit his senior season with Atchison High School.

Former Atchison baseball player Matt Schrick enters his first season with the No. 8 Keiser University baseball program.

The Seahawks have won at least 30 games the last seven years outside of 2020 when the season was cut short. They have also won 40 games three of those years.

Head coach Brook Fordyce has been at Keiser for four seasons and has a 126-64-1 record. Fordyce also spent ten seasons in Major League Baseball

“The coaching staff really attracted me to Keiser University,” Schrick said. “Getting the chance to play for a Coach who played 10 years in the big leagues, with some of the best to ever play is a chance I couldn’t pass up. Being in South Florida and having nice weather year-round is nice as well.”

Schrick played at both Kansas City Kansas Community College and Metropolitan Community College before signing with Keiser.

Schrick said trusting his ability and being around the right type of people have helped him play at the junior college level and now make the jump to a four-year program.

“Believing in myself is probably the biggest thing that’s helped me continue to play in college,” Schrick said. “Also surrounding myself with like-minded people and work ethics push you to another level.”

Schrick was named the KCA player of the year his senior season with Atchison in 2018.

“Matt has gotten to where he’s at because of his dedication to baseball and his work ethic,” Head Coach Casey Purdy said. “He’s set a goal of playing at the next level, and he’s achieving that.”

Schrick takes pride in being one of the few players on the Seahawks from a small town.

“I love being from a small town, especially going to a school in a big city where most of the kids on our team are from major cities,” Schrick said. “I definitely take pride in it and embrace being from a small town as it puts a little bit of a chip on your shoulder to work that much harder.”

Schrick said he draws motivation from the supporters who have believed in him throughout and hopes to prove them right.

“I want to prove everyone that has ever believed in me right and show them what I’m capable of,” Schrick said. “It’s also very motivating knowing that your coaches and teammates are counting on you so it makes you want to get better that much better for the greater good of the team.”

Schrick also offered encouraging words for other high school athletes from smaller schools and towns who hope to one day play at a high level.

“I’m very proud of making it this far as it shows it doesn’t matter where you come from if you have the talent they’ll find you,” Schrick said.

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