Youth golf in Atchison hasn’t been able to really catch on in the community past few years.

Former Maur Hill-Mount Academy golf coach Jane Ann Biffinger looked to change that this summer with the help of Bellevue Country Club, Atchison Recreation Commission and Club for Kids.

Biffinger approached the board of Bellevue Country Club and said that once the idea was approved by the board Atchison Recreation expressed interest in providing help.

“They were very good for us,” Biffinger said. “They did a lot of the publicity for us like sending out the flyers. Anything we asked they did, which was wonderful.”

A total of 28 kids signed up for the program which exceeded the expectations of Biffinger.

“It was twice as many as I expected to come out,” Biffinger said. “We’ve opened our wings to a whole new group of families this summer.”

Nic Rabent is the program director for Atchison Recreation and said that golf was always a sport they wanted to add.

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“We have baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball over the summer, but have never really gotten too involved with golf,” Rabent said. “We thought helping with this program was a great opportunity for us. It’s a well run program and being there to offer our help could help the program to grow.”

Atchison Club for Kids has also helped by providing food and prizes for the kids after they golf on Tuesday mornings.

The age range of the kids participating is 6-14 for girls and boys.

President of Bellevue Country Club Daris Calhoon gave credit to the work done by both Biffinger and Atchison Recreation.

“A lot of thanks to Jane for doing all the work she’s done and the rec as well,” Calhoon said. “We haven’t had the best success at a junior golf program but getting some of these people involved has helped.”

Biffinger said she has always had a passion for the golf and working with kids.

“Everything I do is for the love of the game,” Biffinger said.

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