Habitat First is a program developed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s (KDWPT) Wildlife Division for private landowners interested in developing or enhancing wildlife habitat on their land. Under the program, district wildlife biologists will deliver the following services to interested landowners:

Technical assistance: planning, land management support, and habitat development tools

Financial assistance: cost-share and sign-on incentives for habitat improvements

Equipment loans: native grass drills, tree planters, fabric machines, prescribed burn equipment, and root plows

USDA programs: assistance with Environmental Quality Incentive Program applications benefiting wildlife, Conservation Reserve Program enrollment, and management

Standardized practices and rates make the program easy to explain and understand. Habitat management plans can be tailored to the property and to landowner preferences.

Visit ksoutdoors.com/Private-Lands or call Tim Urban at 913-422-1314 ext. 105 to learn more

One of the top priorities of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism (KDWPT) is to provide access for hunting opportunities in urban areas and in a state that is 98% privately owned that task becomes even more important and difficult. Throughout the years KDWPT has struggled to provide adequate, quality hunting access around the urban areas of Kansas City and Wichita. iWIHA is a new program that has been developed to address this issue. iWIHA is a way to give additional incentives to landowners who provide limited hunting access where it is needed the most and is available in 18 urban counties near the KC-Lawrence-Topeka and Wichita areas.

This program takes a limited-use concept and ties it to the iSportsman application that is currently being used on several Public Wildlife Areas across the state as well as military installations across the nation to help manage public-use areas.

Landowners who enroll property into the program will decide how many hunters have access to the property, when they have access to the property, and with what equipment they are allowed to hunt with. Participating landowners will receive a payment which varies depending on the number of acres offered (no minimum,) quality of habitat, and length of the access period.

KDWPT is optimistic that iWIHA will greatly assist our effort to provide the public with opportunities for the use and appreciation of the natural resources of Kansas. If you are a landowner interested in learning more about the incentives of enrolling property into iWIHA.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) is accepting applications from private landowners willing to make their land available for public hunting access through a lease agreement. This is very important in a state where 98% of land is privately owned. Participating landowners receive payments which vary depending on the number of acres offered, quality of habitat, and length of the access period.

There are several benefits to participating in addition to the lease payment. Many landowners own land far from their home or do not have time to worry about who is hunting on their land. It may be more convenient for them to enroll their property in the WIHA program. Property boundaries are posted along with regulations so there is little doubt what property is open and what is not. Conservation officers patrol WIHA properties much like other public hunting areas. Access is by foot traffic only during posted access periods.

For more information or if you are interested in enrolling your property, contact Tim Urban at 913-422-1314 ext. 105. Call soon as funds are limited. Deadlines are set to allow posting of properties and time to print maps prior to hunting seasons.

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