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Troy senior quarterback Kipp Jasper prepares to stiff arm a Rossville defender Friday night at Highland Community College

The first ever KSHSAA Football Preseason Jamboree took place Friday night at Highland Community College.

Six different area high school football teams got the opportunity to take part in the first Preseason Football Jamboree, held at Kessinger Field.

This year is the first year this event is allowed to be held in the state of Kansas. Among the teams present were the Doniphan Mustangs and the Troy Trojans.

Coach Perry Smith of the Doniphan Mustangs saw this event as an opportunity to put some finishing touches on his team’s game plan going into their first game next week.

“It was a lot about shoring up, we didn’t show a quarter of our offense today.” Smith said.

Smith’s Mustangs were playing two teams on a rotation, one of which was a division rival thus dissuading him from wanting to tip off any of his offensive game plan to the opponent before the season starts.

Smith stated that this was a great opportunity to go and watch some film with his team and see them up against looks they have not seen before and see how they react to different scenarios.

“It will help us, it’ll get us a week ahead of where we would have been without this [event] for sure,” Smith said.

For Trojans coach Derek Jasper, the opportunity was equally as useful.

Jasper was excited to leave the field with no injuries and to get some quality reps with some very good teams on a great field.

The host of the event was not without praise and certainly not without importance for Jasper.

“We loved having it here at Highland community college, what a great facility they have here, HCC athletics have been unbelievable,” Jasper said.

Jasper stated his gratitude in letting his player play on a college field and get to see what a great facility HCC has and what could be waiting for them at the college level.

Unlike Smith and his Mustangs, Jasper’s Trojans did not go up against anyone they will see in their division and thus were able to open up the playbook a bit more.

“We did most of the stuff we are going to do on Offense, we stayed pretty basic on defense tonight and just got to see some people,” Jasper said. “We have some competition battles going on so we wanted to evaluate some kids.”

Troy will open up the season Friday at Valley Heights and the Mustangs will open up at home against Washington County.

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