Maur Hill-Mount Academy baseball notched another dominating sweep on the season Monday over Troy at Laughlin Field at Olsen Stadium.

The Ravens won the first game 12-0 in five innings and the second game 17-1 in four innings. Coach Phil Baniewicz said that his team’s pitching is what really stood out from the outing.

“Our pitching was really good on the day,” Baniewicz said. “That’s some of the best I’ve seen this season.”

Junior Abe Siebenmorgen had 12 strike outs, allowing only one hit in the game.

“Abe is throwing some of the best I’ve ever seen him throw,” Baniweicz said. “It was good to see him and let him throw some more. As we get close to the playoffs we want to make sure he throws more.”

The junior said everything was working for him on the mound.

“I felt wonderful,” Siebenmorgen said. “Curve ball, change-up, fast ball all felt like they were in the zone for me. I was probably throwing the hardest I have all year.”

Freshman Drew Caudle had seven strike outs and allowed three hits.

MHMA had a total of 21 hits on the day with senior Dickson Lin leading the way by going 5-7 with seven RBIs.

“The kids really hit the ball well,” Baniweicz said.

The Ravens have vastly outplayed their opponents in pretty much every game this season winning by an average margin of 11 runs.

Despite the dominating success, Baniweicz said that his team will need to be ready for the challenge that better playoff teams will present, specifically with pitching.

“We’re going to have to do something to make sure we’re ready for guys who will throw harder,” Baniweicz said. “We haven’t seen a lot of velocity pitching- wise so we’ll need to be ready for that in the playoffs.”

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