MH-MA senior forward Taylor Folsom fights for the ball with a Piper defender Tuesday at Maur Hill-Mount Academy.

The Maur Hill-Mount Academy boys soccer team split a pair of home games on Monday and Tuesday.

The Ravens defeated Benton in a competitive contest on Monday 4-2 and lost to Piper 3-1 on Tuesday.

Against the Cardinals, MH-MA (2-2) was able to break away in the second half with three goals after being tied 1-1.

Raven coach Leif Sanford said his team did a good job of playing together against Benton and credited sophomore Joseph Mulholland for the goal that put his team up late.

“We did a great job of playing better as a team,” Sanford said. “We had an excellent goal winner in Joey. Right after I’d just taken him out for missing a shot he promised to get a victory and he did with that upper 90 shot.”

MH-MA didn’t fair as well in the second half against Piper.

The Ravens led 1-0 at the half Tuesday and controlled most of the game in the first half but in the second half gave up three goals.

Sanford said fatigue was the biggest factor in losing control of the game.

“I thought we kind of lacked subs and our guys just started to tire,” Sanford said. “Our guys were maybe even getting tired mentally because I’d be telling them to do something and if they are just too tired they can’t comprehend what is going on.”

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