Maur Hill-Mount Academy freshman Carlie Kramer goes up for a kill against Pleasant Ridge Pleasant Ridge Tuesday night at Haverty gymnasium.

Maur Hill-Mount Academy volleyball opened up its 2021 season in a pretty identical fashion as last season against two of the better teams in the Northeast Kansas League Tuesday night.

The Ravens lost to both Jefferson County North (2-1) and Pleasant Ridge (2-0).

MHMA came out strong and won its first match of the day against the Chargers 25-21 but were unable to manage another win on the day.

Raven coach Sara Noll she was honestly happy with how her young and relatively inexperienced team faired on the night.

“As young as we are and with the amount of players we have who haven’t seen varsity time before, I was really happy with how we played,” Noll said. “I saw a lot of good things and think it is going to take time for us to learn to play at a high intensity the whole game.”

MHMA lost to the same two teams last season in its home opener last season and went on to just lose two more regular season games and finished 17-4 in the regular season.

Noll said these two games will be good learning experiences like they were last season.

“Just learning how to play in those high level matches is going to be good for us,” Noll said. “It’s hard to play in those hard of matches all night.”

Noll said her team is still in the process of learning to not ride the wave of a match and be consistent.

“That comes with a little bit of our inexperience,” Noll said. “We’ll kind of go on a roller-coaster and we got to learn to play at a high level the whole night.”

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