MHMA Soccer

James Howey | Atchison Globe

MHMA head coach Eric Burghart addresses his team at the end of practice.

MHMA soccer returns under the tutelage of Eric Burghart who starts in his second year as head coach. The Ravens return a couple of key players after graduating some of their impactful starters.

Miles Dulac, Eli Black, and Keegan Mispagel will be a strong trio to watch as the season starts to unfold.

“[They] have all stepped up into upperclassmen/leadership roles on the team and it has been fun to witness their attention to detail and willingness to use their voices to impact others on the team in a positive way,” Burghart said.

The Ravens have a goal of creating a more consistent attack this season as they will look to utilize the wing to get around defenders as they did last year. Look to see more short corners that will create openings at the top of the box as this is what the Ravens did plenty of times last season.

“Our overall goal is to maximize our potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think very highly of each individual on this team and his or her particular strengths,” Burghart said. “Now it’s up to our coaching staff to put the puzzle together so that we can see success in our individual roles and as a united team.”

Burghart shared that the next game is always the most important one especially during a season where games come fast sometimes having three matches in a week, but he did give some input on one game.

“Atchison High is always one that brings some more emotion with it being a hometown rival, but our sole focus right now is becoming the very best version of ourselves and testing ourselves against the next opponent on our schedule,” Burghart said.

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