The Maur Hill-Mount Academy softball team fell to Riverside in a doubleheader 15-0 and 10-0 in a home game Friday.

The Cyclones were able to dominate in the first game and to rack up fifteen runs within the first four innings.

However, the Ravens were able to get some defensive traction in the second game and were able to hold the Cyclones to ten runs within six innings.

Despite this pair of losses, the Ravens were able to put up a solid defensive effort in the second game with sophomore pitcher Brooke Trumpeter striking out several batters.

Coach Sarah Wise had praise for her team’s ability to adapt through the second game.

“In the first game we have to take away a few errors. The errors really hurt us and we need to just recover after those errors.” Wise said. “In the second game I told my team that we needed better defense and that’s what we did.”

Despite the sweep, Wise said her team played with a lot of heart.

“I think overall we just decided that Riverside wasn’t going to beat us in two or three innings again,” Wise said. “We played with a lot of heart. We are short on players but our girls decided that we could do it and we played with more confidence.”

Another example that the Lady Ravens could look to were seniors Skylar Clark and Mallory Panchot who Wise praised for their leadership on the field and their ability to help the Lady Ravens play through.

“My senior leaders Skylar and Mallory helped bring the mindset change that lead to our better defensive effort in the second game,” Wise said.

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