Brad Kunecke will be the new Maur Hill-Mount Academy boys’ basketball coach after spending 12 seasons as the girls coach.

For the first time in 25 years the Maur Hill-Mount Academy boys basketball team will be led by a new coach.

MHMA made the official announcement that Brad Kunecke will be taking the job after 12 seasons as the girls coach.

Kunecke had previously spent 15 years coaching high school boys basketball in Iowa.

Kunecke said the opportunity to return to boys basketball kind of makes his career come full circle at the moment.

“I like it from the standpoint that it takes me back to where I started my career,” Kunecke said. “Returning back to boys’ basketball I think is an exciting opportunity to get back to where I was originally.”

The program is coming off a second straight trip to the state tournament and will have some returning pieces from last season, specifically seniors Jack Caudle and Abe Siebenmorgen .

“Right now I think with the seniors that we have this year we got a good core group coming back,” Kunecke said. “They have some strength, size and speed so we can continue to do some things to make this program successful the next few years.”

Kunecke said he aims for his team to be able to play multiple styles on both offense and defense.

“I’ve always been a proponent of multiple defenses instead of just playing straight man or straight zone,” Kunecke said. “I also believe in multiple offensive sets as well. We’ll probably run like five different sets.”

Kunecke also stressed how much of a learning experience this will be and said that players mastering these styles will not happen in just one year under his coaching.

“All of that isn’t going to be implemented in just one year,” Kunecke said. “The goal is for our freshmen and sophomores to be able to execute five different sets and get in and out of different types of defenses when they are juniors and seniors.”

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