The Atchison baseball team won one game and lost another to Sumner Academy in a home doubleheader Monday evening.

The Redmen got into a high scoring first game and were able to pull away with a 12-10 win in the final inning thanks to stellar at-bats.

However, despite the strong performance in the first game, the Redmen just weren’t able to seal a second victory that night and lost by a close 7-6 in the final inning.

Coach Case Purdy had praise for his team’s ability to endure through two whole games in a night.

“This is the first time this year that we’ve gone seven innings in two games and a lot of people stepped up, battled at the plate, threw strikes, and made plays here and there.” Purdie said, “The first game boiled down to who made the least mistakes and they ended up making one more than they could allow and we won.”

Sophomore Patrick Denton said that despite a slow start, the Redmen (6-3) were able to gain traction.

“I thought that we were pretty slow at the beginning of the game,” Denton said. “I thought we picked it up a little bit and we came back one by one in the first game.”

Purdy also had high praise for his team’s batting.

“If there is one thing that these kids are doing it’s hitting the ball and hitting the ball hard,” Purdy said. “It’s not one person, it’s the whole team and we had eight, nine guys who really came through in the last stretch.

Purdy also highlighted Denton’s hitting ability.

“We also have Patrick who’s been hitting the ball real well and hit one out real early,” Purdy said.

Purdy attributed their second game loss to mistakes by the team and excellent pitching from Sumner Academy.

“We made some mistakes in the second game that we obviously want to go back and change but they had a good pitcher on the mound and he got to us,” Purdy said.

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