The Kansas City Atchison League has named the members of the 2019 All League baseball team. The honorees from Atchison High School are among the them. A review of every player who achieved this year:

1st Team

Patrick Denton, Atchison — Player of the Year

Eric Terrazas, Sumner — Pitcher of the Year

Sercy Duncan, Atchison

Kevin Scott, Atchison

Michael Jacobo, Harmon

Phoenix Downs, Schlagle

Anthony Valencia, Schlagle

Antonio Dunn, Sumner

Dominic Jacobs, Washington

Malachi Jones, Washington

Alex Howard, Washington

Charles Thomas, Wyandotte

David Rios, Wyandotte

2nd Team

Cameron Ayers, Atchison

Tyler Navinskey, Atchison

Seth Meek, Harmon

Travonte Rushing, Harmon

Adan Gonzalez, Schlagle

Jesus Guzman, Schlagle

Xavier Hochard, Sumner

Alex Matienzo, Sumner

Alberto Quezada, Sumner

Alejandro Calderon, Washington

Manuel Chavez, Washington

Jayro Silvan, Wyandotte

Fernando Villegas, Wyandotte

Honorable Mention

Brayden Dame, Atchison

Caleb Saunders, Atchison

Carlos Nunez, Harmon

Jesus Palomares, Harmon

Oscar Silva, Harmon

Jesus Simental, Schlagle

Zack Bryant, Washington

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