The Cyclones scored the final goal with 1:30 left in the second period of overtime. The Cyclones controlled much of the overtime period which Head Coach Alex Supple described.

“Unfortunately, they came out with a little more fire in overtime,” Supple said. “We didn’t take care of business.”

The Redmen kept the game within arms reach due to the fantastic play of goalkeeper, Boston Bruce. The freshman made crucial save after save in the overtime period to keep his team alive. He accounted for five saves in the overtime period alone.

“Fantastic outing,” Supple said. “He’s [Bruce] going to have a big career. He was doing all the right things, coming off his line and winning those 50/50 balls. His distribution was solid.”

Ottawa opened the scoring in the first 7 minutes of the game on the wet, fast pitch of Atchison Sports Complex.

The Redmen answered with a beauty of a goal from Aaron Fridell. Fridell slipped through the Cyclone defense and drilled the goal past the keeper into the back of the net.

“He’s [Fridell] going to find opportunities, he absolutely took advantage,” Supple said.

After the slow start, the Redmen grew into the game utilizing an up-tempo offense which resulted in Fridell’s goal. The passing was more precise as options grew around the net, but they just could not find the winning goal.

“The intensity picked up, we were finding feet, finding those good through balls,” Supple said. “I know this stings, but we got to use it.”

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