Atchison senior Brayden Dame goes for a hit against Harmon Thursday at Atchison High School

The Atchison Redmen put on an electrifying performance in a dominating 17-3 home win against Kansas City Harmon.

The Redmen got off to a fast start and were able to score huge with 13 runs in the first inning.

Atchison’s skill at bat and their ability to focus helped net them the big win for the team.

Thanks to the strong showing at the plate the Redmen were able to close out the game early in the fifth inning.

Coach Case Purdy attributed the team’s victory to their batting ability.

“It’s hard to get into those games where we are running away like that and to stay focused and finish them,” Purdy said. “The kids did well even though it feels we haven’t played that much so it feels like we can’t get a rhythm going.”

Purdy also touched on the importance of focus for the team.

“When a game gets like that it’s hard to stay focused but that’s something we’ve worked on in practice and being ready for the one ball you might get all game,” Purdy said. “It’s something that we just have to keep working on.”

Sophomore Patrick Denton who stood out on the day had high praise for his teammates ability to adapt.

“I thought we hit the ball really well considering we faced different types of speeds of pitching,” Denton said. “I thought we adjusted very well to the very different types of pitching throughout the game.”

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