The Atchison community had its first Football Jamboree Atchison County Scrimmage on Friday night featuring Maur Hill Mount Academy, Atchison High School, and Atchison County Community High school.

Both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams saw the field at Larry Wilcox Stadium at the inaugural event.

Atchison coach Jim Smith said his team did good things against tough competition.

“For the most part we did a lot of good things out there tonight,” Smith said. “Both teams had great players and were very well coached.”

The jamboree consisted of even numbers of offensive and defensive series with a short half time.

Every team was assured equal play, and a chance to experience live action before the start of the season.

Tigers coach Corey Thomas stressed the importance of the competition for his players.

“Being a team that only has 28-30 kids on it, it’s hard to go against your younger guys in a soap scrimmage, so this is a great idea,” Thomas said.

A promising crowd turned out in Larry Wilcox Stadium to support all three teams at the event.

MHMA coach Brandon Wilkes mentioned that the fan base added to the experience of playing in a college stadium.

“It was awesome coming out here and competing against two good schools with high numbers and the atmosphere was fantastic,” Wilkes said. “The kids got an opportunity to play on a college field in front of a great fan base and it was exciting.”

Wilkes said the experience of any live football provides clarity that practice can’t offer.

“The guys are who are gamers are stepping up,” Wilkes said. “You can’t simulate that in practice.”

All three teams will begin the season on the road in week one.

The Ravens will be on the road at McLouth, the Redmen will travel to Washington High School and the Tigers will be at Oskaloosa.

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