The Division I offers came pouring in this summer for cornerback Brian George.

The South Florida native is entering his sophomore season at Highland Community College and is mulling over offers from Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Miami, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Arkansas and Texas A&M.

For George, this is an opportunity he has worked for his entire life.

“I’ve been working all my life to be at this position and now everything is paying off,” George said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Scottie defensive coordinator and former Oklahoma State defensive back Maurice Gray knew once George showed up to Highland that he would get this kind of attention.

“I told him last summer that he would be the number one player in the country after this season, so I’m not surprised,” Gray said.

Gray said George’s willingness to constantly compete and get better every day is what separates him from even some of the best the coach has been around.

“You can tell he loves football every snap he is out there,” Gray said. “I’ve been around some top players and they sometimes in practice want to sit out but he wants to compete all the time.”

George gave credit to Gray for coaching him into the player he is now.

“He basically made me a whole different player,” George said. “I always had raw talent but he gave me the techniques to the game. He made me the player I am right now.”

George said the biggest motivation throughout his career has always been his family and more specifically his grandmother Bessie McGrew.

“My grandma is dependent on me and she’s my everything,” George said. “Every time I step on the field that is who I’m thinking about.”

George didn’t record an interception last season but that was probably due to teams having zero interest in testing the division I prospect.

“He completely shuts down one side of the field,” Gray said. “He makes it easier for me to call the defense.”

The Scotties had a school record with 18 interceptions last season which also ranked second in the KJCCC and top ten in the NJCAA.

George said the defense will continue to purse lofty goals this season as well.

“We want to be the number one defense in the country and also lead the country in interceptions and turnovers,” George said.

Head coach Aaron Arnold said that George is the total package player with both ability and work ethic.

“He’s one of the most talented kids we’ve ever had here,” Arnold said. “He can cover and he can tackle but what makes him great is that he works his tail off every single day.”

Arnold said the type of workmanship George brings tends to rub off on other players on the team.

“When you get a guy who’s your best player but is also the hardest worker on your team, it helps everyone around him get better,” Arnold said.

Setting an example for new players coming into the football program is certainly something not lost on George during practice.

“A lot of guys are looking up to me and like to see how I do things and try to learn from me,” George said “So I have to be a good leader so they know that if I’m doing it the right way then they need to be doing the same.”

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