Horton’s own Trey Dishon has been proving the doubters wrong for a number of years now.

The Kansas State defensive tackle arrived in Manhattan in 2015 with a chip on his shoulder looking to show exactly what type of player he is.

After a redshirt season, he went above and beyond by becoming the first freshman to start on the defensive line for a Bill Snyder coached team.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Dishon said. “Who would have ever thought I’d have an opportunity to come here, and who would ever thought I’d be a four-year starter. Especially at the power five level.”

Dishon said making the jump to the power five level was eye opening and took time to adjust to.

“It was a process especially with how different playing at a power five conference was compared to what I was playing at before,” Dishon said. “The biggest thing was just growing.”

Dishon is now about to enter his fourth season starting on the interior defensive line for the Wildcats.

“A lot of people thought I was never going to play ever and be a bench player,” Dishon said. “That is what I hold close to my heart and how I approached every day to get where I wanted to be and get to where I am now.”

Dishon still maintains that he sets the bar for himself and nobody else.

“I had goals set that I wanted to do and I think there were very few people who thought that was going to happen,” Dishon said. “Biggest thing for me is doing what I say I can and not what people’s expectations are of me.”

The Wildcat will sometimes go back home to Horton High School to speak to students and the community.

Dishon said giving back to his home town community is a must for him.

“I love doing that stuff and that’s why I don’t think it’s much pressure,” Dishon said. “They don’t ask for much but anytime they do I go back because that place has helped shape me.”

Maur Hill-Mount Academy alumnus junior running back Harry Trotter and Atchison alumnus junior wide receiver Wykeen Gill are also other local products on the Wildcats with both expected to get meaningful playing time in the 2019 season.

Dishon expressed satisfaction about what the three northeast Kansas kids have accomplished.

“Dude I think that stuff is awesome,” Dishon said. “Just seeing all of us as northeast Kansas kids go on to Kansas State and putting northeast Kansas on the map. Letting people know we have talent here and giving teams power five players that they need.”

Dishon also isn’t at all fazed by some of the doubt cast towards the program by being picked to finished near the bottom of the league.

“That ranking stuff doesn’t mean anything,” Dishon said. “They always pick us second half of the Big 12. It doesn’t matter what staff we have and it just drives the teams like us.”

Dishon didn’t make any guarantees on how the Wildcats will finish this season, but just that they will prove the skeptics wrong.

“We’re going to show everyone that we’re more than what they think we are,” Dishon said. “Who knows where we’re going to fall but we’re going to show people that what coach Snyder built isn’t going anywhere.”

“I’m looking at first team Big 12 but you want your team to win first,” Dishon said. “If I don’t get all Big 12 and my team wins the Big 12 championship that is alright with me.”

Dishon was named All-Big 12 Honorable Mention in 2017 by the coaches.

The senior Wildcat did say he does hope to standout to league coaches and scouts for a potential shot at the NFL.

“I just want to be a player that the coaches are going to see in the Big 12 and that scouts are going to see for maybe a look at me for the next level,” Dishon said.

Kansas State will open up the season 6 p.m. Aug. 31 at home against Nicholls State at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

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