The Benedictine basketball program conducted two of its summer camps this previous week with the Future Ravens Camp and the Summer High School Team Camp.

The Future Ravens Camp is where the coaches and players work with younger kids for four days while the Summer High School Team Camp has Kansas and Missouri high schools compete in a rotation of games for one day at Ralph Nolan Gymnasium.

Coach Ryan Moody said the Future Ravens Camp is a nice chance to make an impression on the upcoming basketball generation in town.

“We love to put on the camp because it allows us to be around literally the future of basketball in the Atchison area,” Moody said. “We’ve been able to see a lot of these kids who play at the local high schools grow up in recent years.”

Moody said being around the the kids actually gives a spark to the coaches and players.

“They have a lot of fun and recharge our batteries as older coaches,” Moody said. “I think it’s eye opening for our players and they get a coach’s perspective of when you’re trying to teach something. It’s good training for these guys who are about to go out in the real world in a couple years.”

Moody said the high school camp is a good opportunity for players to get an early and valuable experience on the Benedictine campus.

“It lets the high school coaches and players get better in the summer,” Moody said. “It also allows all of those players, coaches and families on our campus.”

Atchison and Maur-Hill Mount Academy participated in the camp along with Leavenworth and a number of Missouri schools like St. Joseph Lafayette.

Moody said having a young high school player see Benedictine first hand can really payoff down the line.

“There may be freshmen and sophomores that have no idea what Benedictine College was before this and that in a couple years are going to be pretty darn good players,” Moody said. “Now we’ve already had them on campus and had a chance to watch them or meet them.”

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