Benedictine wrestling hosted a top fifteen opponent for the second time in a week Monday night in its 39-6 loss at Ralph Nolan Gymnasium.

The Ravens previously faced off against No. 1 Grand View Tuesday Nov. 26 which Benedictine lost 50-0.

Coach Marcus Cobbs said the most important thing he looks for when facing this type of competition is that his team just goes out there to compete at a high level.

“Whenever you have those kind of teams coming in you want to make sure your guys are competing well and that’s what I saw from our guys top to bottom,” Cobbs said.

The two highlights for the Ravens were sophomores Tyson Albright and Harsh Anchan both wining their matches on the night by way of decisions.

Anchan won 6-5 over Gage Kassing, while Albright won 6-2 over Tyler Crow.

Both wins avenged losses the pair of Ravens had last year to the same competitors.

“Just seeing those guys gaining and perfecting their craft is amazing,” Cobbs said. “I was very proud to actually see them go out there and compete.”

Benedictine is a relatively young team with 18 of the 24 wrestlers on the roster being sophomores and freshmen.

Cobbs said his wrestlers just need to remember they are capable of stepping on the mat with anyone they’ll face this season.

“These guys have been wrestling for so long and they’ve made it to this level, so they know how to wrestle,” Cobbs said. “It’s just about developing that mentality that we can wrestle with anyone.”

Albright said Cobbs has done a good job of cultivating that confidence with the team for the first month of the season.

“This time of the season is a grind,” Albright said. “Coach has just reminded us to keep going out there and working. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t wrestle with the big boys.”

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