Benedictine almost couldn’t miss in the second half Saturday at Ralph Nolan Gymnasium.

The Ravens shot over 80 percent from the field and from beyond the arc on their bounce back 101-65 victory over Mount Mercy.

Benedictine hit a staggering 18 threes on the day and had five players in double figures.

Coach Ryan Moody said his team did a good job using the many opportunities they knew they would have against a Mustang team that is known to play fast.

“We took advantage and maximized the possessions we had,” Moody said. “We drove the heck out of it in the first half and once they tried to take that away, our confident guys put their foot down.”

Benedictine junior Jaiden Bristol said this performance can be a good confidence boost for some guys who had been struggling shooting wise.

“I think some guys needed to see shots go in and see what we can do when it happens,” Bristol said.

The junior finished second on the team in points with 16 in the game.

The Ravens totaled an impressive 21 assists on 38 made shots.

“I was really impressed with how unselfish we were on offense,” Moody said.

With about a month left in the regular season, Moody said his team seemed to have a much needed sense of urgency in their explosive offensive win.

“The energy we felt today was a little different in terms of urgency,” Moody said. “We have another one Wednesday that we’ll require a lot of that same energy.”

The Ravens will host Evangel Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Sophomore Jayden Temme led the team with 26 points on the night.

Sophomore Eric Crus had 14, junior Nysir Scott had 13 and sophomore Tyson Cathy finished with 12.

Bristol said his team did bring their game up another level.

“Emotions were kind of high,” Bristol said. “I think it ultimately helped us play how we did.”

The win also came on senior day for the Ravens where they celebrated their pair of seniors in Colby Nickels and Wills Wallrapp.

Moody said that it’s imperative that his team keep improving down the stretch because that is the key to having success in February.

“You have to keep getting better,” Moody said. “Whether that is skill work or whatever, but you have to try and find a way to get better in the last three weeks of the season.”

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