Simply put, it was a nightmare second half with a disastrous beginning for No. 2 Benedictine against No. 7 Grand View.

The Ravens’ 6-3 lead at halftime quickly disappeared with an interception and a blocked punt to end two consecutive drives to start the half, which resulted in a short field for the Vikings that they converted into touchdowns to put the home team in a 17-6 hole.

The deficit proved to be too much for Benedictine to climb out of as the offense struggled the rest of the game resulting in a 27-6 loss Saturday at Larry Wilcox Stadium.

The Ravens’ offense didn’t have any spark or answer at any point in the second half and sputtered to a 185 total yard performance to go along with four turnovers

Senior quarterback Shaefer Schuetz was nothing but frank with where the blame landed for this loss.

“I hang this one on the offense,” Schuetz said. “We just put our defense in bad situations and they kept trying to dig out of and kudos to our defense because they played fantastic.”

Schuetz went 11 of 27 on the day with 131 yards and three interceptions.

The usually unstoppable rushing attack of Benedictine that averaged 333 yards per game whispered to a mere 54 yards on the day.

Both senior running backs for the Ravens were battling injury going into the game with Charlie Nihart not finding any success in his start and Marquis Stewart not entering the game until late in the fourth quarter.

“It doesn’t help to have to put the whole load on Charlie’s plate and he was a little banged up also and got even more banged up during the game,” Coach Larry Wilcox said. “You got half of the two guys who have been so effective for us and they (Grand View) have a great run defense.”

The Benedictine defense finished the day only giving up 282 yards on 73 plays.

Defensive senior captain Jalen James said they can’t afford to feel sorry for themselves as a defense and a team as a whole when faced with challenges.

“It’s just part of the game and we understand that not everything is going to go our way,” James said. “We have to play better when we have adversity. When road blocks come up we can’t blame or cry about it.”

Wilcox said that committing the amount of mistakes they did will ultimately result in a long day against a team like Grand View.

“We just made too many mistakes,” Wilcox said. “We didn’t execute today against a good football team and that doesn’t work out very often.”

The Ravens will head into a much needed bye week before they travel to Springfield, Missouri on October 19 for a 11 a.m. kickoff to take on No. 8 Evangel.

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