Maur Hill-Mount Academy senior Taylor Folsom signs his letter of intent with family and coaches Wednesday.

As a life long resident of Atchison, playing soccer at Benedictine has been something Taylor Folsom has certainly had on his mind before.

The Maur Hill-Mount Academy senior will now get that chance after signing his letter of intent Wednesday to continue his playing career as a Raven with Benedictine.

“I’ve grown up watching BC soccer play, so being able to be a part of that for the next four years is really special,” Folsom said.

Folsom had interest from not only other schools to play soccer, but to be a kicker on a football team at the college level as well.

Coach John Sosa said Folsom was an important signing for his program.

“He’s someone we’ve been tracking for a while for multiple reasons,” Sosa said. “He fits what the Benedictine values are and obviously he’s a very strong soccer player.”

Sosa also said getting another local kid is a good look for the program around the community.

“We always want to make sure the community knows we’re tracking the development of the city,” Sosa said. “We have high exceptions for him.”

Folsom said Sosa was the kind of coach he was looking for when deciding where to play at the next level.

“He’s the kind of coach I want,” Folsom said. “He’s an amazing person and he’s going to push me how I want.”

Folsom also gave credit to his high school coach, Lief Sanford and the job he did to get Folsom to this point in his career.

“He’s helped me a ton whether it’s just encouragement or pushing me on a tired day,” Folsom said. “He’s always making sure I do my best.”

Sanford said he’s looking forward to seeing Folsom’s career play out at Benedictine.

“I know that his family and friends were much pulling towards Benedictine and so was I,” Sanford said. “It’s going to be so nice to be able to go over and cheer him on over at Benedictine College. They’re getting a gem in Taylor.”

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