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Benedictine junior Matt Austin jumps for a layup against Peru State Wednesday at Ralph Nolan Gymnasium.

Benedictine basketball fell behind early and never recovered in its 73-55 home loss Wednesday night against Peru State.

The Ravens were able to win on possessions, but struggled when pressured on offense.

Sophomore Tyson Cathy identified the problem as a number of things.

“Offensively we didn’t hit very many shots,” Cathy said. “When you don’t have a very good offense, and you break down defensively it’s not going to lead to a good game.”

Cathy was able to stand strong in the paint during the beginning of the game, giving the Ravens a fighting chance on offense.

“When the game is dwindling down it starts to matter more,” Cathy said. “Not that it doesn’t matter in the beginning, but at some point you have to do what you can, even if it means diving on loose balls, or making extra plays.”

The Ravens opened with a 14-7 lead at 13:34 in the 1st quarter. Shortly after, the Bobcats started an aggressive push on offense going up 16-14 and eventually took a 34-27 lead into halftime.

Coach Ryan Moody, in his 8th season as the Ravens head coach, said the problem was on offense.

“The reason we lost the game was because of our offense,” Moody said. “They did a great job using their athleticism. Their big gusy were athletic enough to keep us in front, but we never made the adjustment to open up gaps so we could turn the corner and drive. Our offense puts so much pressure on our defense.”

Junior Matt Austin was the Ravens’ main offensive weapon leading in scoring with 17 points, while junior Jaden Bristol had 9, and Cathy dropped 8.

Raven Basketball is away on February 22 to take on Graceland University that has a record of 9-19 overall.

The Ravens (15-12, Heart 13-8) are now the fourth seed in the Heart of America standings with three league games remaining.

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