The Benedictine men’s basketball program held its one-day Elite Camp for high school boys who have a goal of playing at the college level Friday on campus.

The camp had previously been held in June and was an overnight event but this is the first time the college conducted the camp on a single day.

The camp goes from noon-five with the first two hours being drills, a lunch break and a tour of the campus and the last two hours finish with 5-on-5 games.

“We use this day almost as a visit,” coach Ryan Moody said. “We get to watch them play, have them see the campus and for them to get to know us.”

Moody and the Ravens openly invite and seek out some of the players for the camp with the idea of potentially seeing them in a Benedictine uniform down the line.

“We open it to everyone but we invite many of the kids that are here,” Moody said. “There are several guys in this camp that I think are good enough to play for us in the future.”

The camp had forty athletes from the Midwest area including Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

“That is kind off our Midwest wheelhouse,” Moody said. “I like the diversity of the group.”

Moody said the exposure this gets the program is a substantial benefit.

“We have forty captive eyes and ears who are going to go back to their high school and say ‘Benedictine is really cool and you should visit’ that is what we’re trying to get done.”

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