The Atchison Redmen took control of the game on Friday night in the third quarter against the Wamego Red Raiders.

The Wamego Red Raiders faced what looked to be a tight contest against the Atchison Redmen on Friday night at Atchison High School, but the Redmen ran away with the game in the second half.

Atchison ultimately prevailed 71-53 in a fast-paced, tenacious competition which saw no team score a definitive advantage in the first half, with all possessions tightly controlled. The game began with a slow pace in the first quarter before freshman Jesse Greenly put points on the board.

The Redmen found themselves down 15-18 at the end of the first quarter, and continued to just keep pace with the Red Raiders at the half, down one point, 31-30 in favor of Wamego. Head Coach Matt Hall said he was quite pleased with his squad’s tenacity in the first half, especially in consideration of how he had multiple starters out of the game for various reasons.

“I think some of our younger guys filled in nicely and that will only help them in the future. It just gives those guys confidence and builds depth for us,” Hall said. “Those guys exceptional.”

The Redmen pulled ahead in the third quarter, bringing the score to 47-44 in their favor, though the Red Raiders were right on their heels. The team was battling for loose balls, rebounds with solid cohesion. This laid the foundation for a the Redmen to come alive in the fourth quarter, and they didn’t look back.

The Red Raiders had seemed to run out of gas early in the fourth quarter. The final score score was 71-53. The leading scorers for the Redmen were senior Xavier Hernandez, with 21 points, junior Omarion Daniels with 18 points, and Christian Arnold, with 16 points. The Redmen, 2-1 after Friday night’s home victory, will be back in action on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at Sumner Academy.

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