A long break is over and I’m ready to get back on the sports beat.

After spending 10 days in Mexico, including my wedding day, I’m ready to venture back out to the local schools and cover spring sports.

I was pretty much cut off from the happenings in Atchison while in Mexico. I thought my phone would work, but I had zero service and couldn’t receive or make calls or texts. We had some Wi-Fi in the resort, but I really didn’t spend much time on Twitter — too busy lounging on the beach.

My trip wasn’t completely sports-free, though. When we had some time in the room or if we were in the sports bar at the resort, there was always a soccer game or two, or sometimes three, on TV. No matter the time of day, there was always soccer on, which was pretty neat. There were European games, Mexican league games and even the Sporting Kansas City game against Colorado was broadcast in Mexico.

I even watched the last few innings of the Royals 3-1 win against Oakland after I accidentally stumbled upon it one night.

My beach time had some sports-related items, too. I took two books with me: Tim Kurkjian’s “Is This Game Great, or What?” and Jeff Passan’s “The Arm” were perfect for reading in a beach chair for different reasons.

Kurkjian’s book is a collection of his thoughts from decades of covering baseball. There are a ton of short stories from several different characters through the years. It was great to “turn off my brain” a little bit and just enjoy the amusing stories.

“The Arm” is about the increase in UCL injuries in baseball — the injury that results in Tommy John surgery. Passan’s book took an in-depth look at the injury, from children to big leaguers, and examined possible solutions to the problem.

I highly suggest both books to any baseball fan.

I wasn’t just a lump on the beach in Mexico. One day I nabbed a body board and did my best on the waves. My best was not very good. It took me a little bit of time to get the hang of how to actually ride the waves, but I finally figured it out and had a good time.

But the beach is miles and miles away and I’m back in Atchison, ready for baseball, softball, track, tennis and everything else. Here’s to hoping the forecast is solid for the rest of the season.

I also want to thank everyone who helped organize the sports pages of the Globe while I was gone. I know several people had to take on extra burdens on their already-full plates, and I appreciate their help while I was at my wedding/honeymoon/much-needed vacation.

Adam Gardner is the managing and sports editor for the Globe. He can be reached at adam.gardner@npgco.com.

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