It’s important to remember that sports should take a backseat to some things, like family.

If you haven’t heard, the Sabetha Bluejays football team won a state championship on Saturday. Sadly, a couple of the players’ family members were involved in a fatality accident on the drive home following the game.

There is no doubt every player and coach on that team would trade away that state championship if it meant the accident never happened.

Sports are amazing — they teach life lessons, they’re fun — but they aren’t nearly as important as family. Take a moment to tell the people you love how you feel about them.

On to something far less important: What’s happened to the Kansas City Chiefs? They looked like they’d cruise to a first-round bye in the playoffs just a few weeks ago. Now it’s a legitimate wonder if they’ll even make the playoffs. While KC has sputtered, the Los Angeles Chargers are rolling.

The worrisome part of this bad stretch of football for KC is that it’s happening against poor competition. The New York Giants are bad and the Buffalo Bills are definitely a team you have to beat at your home stadium.

The defense hasn’t gotten pressure on opposing quarterbacks like they need to, which means they aren’t getting off the field as quickly as they could.

The offense is the major problem, though. Kareem Hunt is a talented running back, but has nowhere to go when he touches the ball. Give the man some space and he’ll do damage — there just hasn’t been space.

The passing game has become more and more horizontal and the vertical passes are non-existent. I don’t mind screens to dynamic players, but those plays can’t be the majority of your passes. The problem has been a mixture of play-calling and quarterback play.

Alex Smith is the prince that turned into a frog. I’ve been on the Smith bandwagon for years, championing the cause that he hadn’t gotten a fair chance. I felt vindicated earlier this year, but enough is enough. He lost the confidence he briefly showed in throwing downfield and now he seems scared to even throw intermediate routes. How many times was Travis Kelce open in the middle of the field against the Bills? All Kelce could do was raise his hands at stare in disbelief that he didn’t have the ball.

Two weeks ago I would have called you crazy for wanting Patrick Mahomes. Not anymore. The Chiefs are one game ahead of the Chargers with a lot of season left. This slide can’t continue and there is no reason to believe it won’t continue with Smith at quarterback.

Andy Reid probably won’t make a change at quarterback, but he should. Going to Mahomes now would not only be a long-term positive (the rookie gaining experience), I’m convinced it would be a short-term positive, too, because he’s a greater threat to defenses than Smith.

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