Maur Hill-Mount Academy math teacher Stan Purdy is retiring after 46 years of teaching.

Maur Hill-Mount Academy President Phil Baniewicz has announced the retirement of math teacher Stan Purdy after 46 years in education. (14 of those at MH-MA.)

In 1973, Purdy started his career as a physical education teacher at Overbrook Middle School in Overbrook, Kan. He switched to teaching math at the middle school and left in 1975 to teach at McLouth High School. His extensive career took him to Atchison County Community High School, Atchison High School, Benton High School, and then to MH-MA to end his career as a Raven. He taught algebra, geometry and algebra II throughout his career.

In addition to teaching, Purdy loves baseball. His career included being the head baseball coach at Atchison High for 6 years and at MH-MA for 3. His father was a St. Louis Cardinal fan and named him after Hall of Famer Stan “the Man” Musial. As a diehard Yankees fan, Purdy named his sons after famous Yankee players including: Mickey (Mantle), Casey (Stengel), Roger (Maris), and Andy (Carey). His children carried on the Yankee tradition naming the grandchildren Jeter (Derek), Yogi (Berra) and Maris (Roger).

Purdy was awarded the Atchison Rotary Educator of the Year in 2008-2009 school year. As a seasoned educator his advice to any new teacher is to “look forward to the school community becoming part of your family and the relationships you will form throughout the years.”

Reflecting on the last 46 years, Purdy said there isn’t just one memorable teaching moment. “All the memories of students, staff, and people in the Atchison community is what is memorable.” He added, “Certainly, seeing students succeed is a highlight for all teachers.”

President Baniewicz said Purdy will be missed. “Stan will be remembered for his sense of humor and for always putting in the extra time to help students succeed.”

As far as plans during retirement, his family is the focus. “I look forward to supporting my children and grandchildren in their endeavors,” Purdy said. “I am very blessed to have all of my children (5) live in the Atchison area. I also have 7 grandchildren.”

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