USD 409 Board of Education members plan to gather for a high noon special meeting later this week at to take care of a few business items before the close its fiscal year.

The meeting is scheduled for 12 p.m. Thursday, June 27 in the community room at the 409 Board Office, 626 Commercial St.

Board members expect to:

Make payments on warrants as listed for the Sunday, June 30 fiscal year-end as wells as review credit card summaries for the month of June.

Accept a Juvenile Justice Authority Grant award in the amount of more than $20,211. Atchison County supports the JJA program in the amount of $5,600 and 409 supports the program with more than $13,188.

Approve the transfer of funds subject to the final June reconciliation.

Approve to void outstanding checks that are 24 months or older.

Discuss and consider budget updates for the 2019-20 schoolyear and review the proposed budget timeline.

Self-evaluate how they function as a board during a discussion session. A Kansas Association of School Board representative will be present to facilitate the self-evaluation and review board members’ responses from a survey.

Recess from public meeting to convene in executive sessions for different purposes relating to discussions concerning negotiations and non-elected personnel matters.

Resume their public meeting and take action on any resignations and recommendations for employment and/or transfers.

Possibly ratify the 2019-20 agreement between Atchison National Education Association and the district respective negotiation teams met convened June 20 and reached a tentative agreement between the parties.

Board members expect to adjourn for the day as their last order of business to address.

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