Herb Gwaltney

Outgoing USD 409 Board President Herb Gwaltney and fellow outgoing board members Bill Shipley and Rick Zumbrunn are set for special recognition at Monday’s board meeting at Central School.

Recognition of outgoing board members is planned to be a finale before Monday’s meeting adjournment as the USD 409 Board of Education concludes its current chapter in history in preparation for its future course.

Board members will convene at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 9, at the Central School, located at 215 North Eighth Street. Board members and 409 staff plan to recognize outgoing members President Herb Gwaltney, Bill Shipley and Rick Zumbrunn for their respective years of service on the board and to the district.

Prior to the recognition, Central School Principal LaTisha Downing will offer updates about academics and activities at the school. Alexis Lange will present a Guidance Center report, and Emerald Lauts, a Central School Site Council member, will report on building site council activities. After the presentations board and staff members will tour the Central School facility and discuss the maintenance and repair needs.

In addition to regular business matters, board members expect to:

Hear a report and updates from Director of Technical Education Lucas Hunziger about the Highland Community College Technical Center in Atchison.

Receive the district’s 2018-19 audit report from Jim Long. Long will also answer questions. Board members expect to take action to accept the report as presented later in the meeting.

Appoint a person to replace William Norris on the Recreation Commission, Norris’ term expires on Tuesday, Dec. 31. The vacancy was advertised, and interested parties were invited to submit letters of interest. Two persons, Beth Clark and Sadie Stone, submitted their letters for consideration. Sub-committee members, board members Sean Crittendon and Carrie Sowers, Scott Erickson, Rickey Ross and Renee Scott reviewed applications and subsequently conducted interviews on Dec. 2. The appointee will commence serving a 4-year term on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020.

Expect to reaffirm on second reading policies BCAC & BCAC-R to Policy BK that addresses special meetings, public hearings, agenda, rules of order, voting method, minutes, public participation at meetings, news coverage, executive sessions, developments and adopting policies, school board records and board self-evaluations.

Recess from the public meeting to go behind closed doors to discuss matters of non-elected personnel. After the public meeting resumes, board members expect to take action as necessary in regards to resignations, terminations, recommendations for employment or transfers and any supplemental contracts.

Board members expect to adjourn the meeting at the recognition of outgoing board members.

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